Empowering Your Users and Keeping Google Happy: Introducing CookieYes

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Ever been to a website that bombards you with a giant pop-up demanding your permission for a million things you don’t understand? We’ve all been there. That’s where things get clunky and frustrating for both you and your website visitors.

At HdK, we believe in a smoother online experience – for you and your audience. Following our research of the marketplace, we’re recommending our clients use CookieYes, a new system that streamlines user consent and keeps Google on our good side.

What is CookieYes?

Imagine your website is a bustling marketplace. You want to understand your customers better, but you also want to respect their privacy. CookieYes acts like a friendly market researcher, politely asking visitors if they’d like to participate in a short survey.

This “survey” is essentially how CookieYes gathers user consent. With CookieYes, you can ask more specific questions. Do your visitors mind if their data is used to improve the website experience? Do they want to see personalised ads based on their interests? The choice is theirs.

This granular approach is key to the new Google Consent Mode V2 (GCM v2).  Think of GCM v2 as Google’s way of ensuring transparency and user control online. By using CookieYes, we can ensure your website is fully compliant with these new guidelines.

Here’s the technical tea

  • We’re offering to add CookieYes to any website we manage. It’s a simple snippet of code that gets added behind the scenes.
  • We use Google Tag Manager to test how the system works, making sure everything runs smoothly for your visitors.
  • CookieYes uses four settings to ask for user consent:
    • Website Analytics: This lets users know if their data is being used to improve the website (think faster loading times and easier navigation).
    • Advertising: This asks if users are okay with seeing general ads.
    • Personalised Advertising (New): This is where CookieYes gets fancy, asking users if they’d like to see ads tailored to their interests.
    • Remarketing (New): This lets users know if you might show them ads on other websites based on their visit to yours.

What does it cost
There are two costs involved. The first is a small set up fee for us to add it to your website. The second is an annual licence fee to CookieYes. We can discuss the options with you directly before adding it to your website.

The Takeaway?

By using CookieYes, we’re making your website a more transparent and user-friendly space.  It’s a win-win for everyone: your visitors feel empowered, Google stays happy, and you get valuable insights to keep improving your online presence.

Have any questions or want to know more? Email at support@wearehdk.com. We’re happy to chat.