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Thank you for your interest in exploring hosting packages with HdK. Whatever the size of your site, you’ll want it to run smoothly and efficiently and that’s why we offer power scaled to your needs.

Carbon Friendly Hosting
All websites are hosted on web servers. Depending on their configuration, these web servers can burn large amounts of energy. Servers use energy around the clock to store all of the files and assets which make up your site. With carbon consciousness at the forefront of our minds as a digital marketing agency, we are proud to use servers which are powered by renewable energy. As part of our carbon consciousness initiative, we have restructured our hosting offering into a number of packages. These have been designed to offer transparency about the size and bandwidth of your website, whilst giving you greater visibility over the carbon impact of your site.

You can read about our hosting offerings on our blog post dedicated to the topic, or view our webinar recording on improving your website’s carbon footprint, anytime.

To explore our range of packages, including hosting boosts, please download the pdf below.