Top tips for newsletter success

Top Tips For Newsletter Success

Newsletters are a great way to provide your audiences with updates and exclusive information, while offering an alternative method to connect with your brand. With any newsletter, aside from expanding your mailing lists, we feel quite safe to assume that your goals are to increase your open rate and generate more clicks. These metrics ultimately translate to audience members interacting with your brand, for instance through further activity on your website or social media.

During this free one-hour webinar with HdK, you will learn:

  • Different types of content to share in your newsletter
  • How to optimise your subject and preview text to encourage opens
  • How to get more clicks


  • Claire van Blerck
    Claire van BlerckProject Co-ordinator & Developer, HdK
  • Freya Ruane
    Freya RuaneMarketing Coordinator, HdK
  • Hans de Kretser
    Hans de KretserDirector, HdK

Question and Answers

Can your Newsletter content not explicitly linked to your business?
Definitely! It can be great to include content that is not directly linked to your business but reflects a more personal side to your brand. For instance, share information on team members, recommend series/films you watched or recommend a recipe.

Do you have any tips for stopping emails going into spam?
Keep an eye on your subject line and preview text, make sure they don’t include spammy language! Also check out your email providers guidelines as they can provide details on what they consider spam.

Tips on increasing your newsletter subscribers
Promote on your social media, website and in person. Make sure that you highlight the value your newsletters provide and give audiences incentives to sign up.

Do you recommend sticking to a limited number of calls to action?
You should try to keep your newsletter content concise, so we recommend including around 3 – 5 features and calls to action.

What would you say counts as spammy language?
Usually, language that includes special characters, capital letters will be labelled as spam. Other text that is commonly associated with spam is available here.

Best place for social media links?
If you are referring to something linked with social media in your features then link to any relevant social media channels. It is also worth including all your social media links at the end of the email.

What frequency would you recommend for sending newsletters so you don’t overwhelm or irritate your customers?
This can vary depending on your company or organisation, it is good to be led by the quality content you have to share. Also think about segmenting your audience, as this may influence which audiences receive more content.