How to grow your brand’s blog

November Webinar – How To Grow Your Brand’s Blog

Having a successful blog comes with lots of benefits – including increased website traffic, providing value for your audience, giving you content to share on social media, and boosting your reputation. Putting the time and effort into developing a simple blog strategy and posting consistently really can pay dividends for your business.

We’re thrilled to be joined by guest speaker Ed Baker, Director of the successful theatre blog West End Wilma, for this webinar. Ed will be contributing his expertise to the session and sharing his top tips on running a blog.  

During this free one-hour Zoom webinar with HdK, you will learn:

  • How to create a rough strategy
  • What makes an effective blog post (plus, content ideas)
  • Basic SEO principles
  • How to promote your blog posts


  • Phoebe Cleghorn
    Phoebe CleghornDigital Marketing Manager, HdK
  • Ed Baker
    Ed BakerDirector, West End Wilma
  • Hans de Kretser
    Hans de KretserDirector, HdK

Q&A from Webinar

Do you have to stay on subject or can you write about other topics outside of your industry?

As long as you’re posting quality content, it’s fine to branch out of your industry. Blogs are a great place to share a more human side to your organisation, so don’t shy away from a more personal approach.

How can we increase the amount of views our blogs receive?

Promoting your blogs across social media, trying some digital advertising, sending a regular newsletter and following our SEO tips are all great ways to help increase your views.

How often should you post blogs to keep engagement but not saturate / bore?

Although it is great to be consistent with content, the main focus is quality not quantity. Only share posts when you have something valuable and engaging to say.

Where can I host my blogs?

There are many platforms available such as SquareSpace and Wix, but we would recommend using WordPress.

Phoebe Cleghorn - Digital Marketing Manager