Dada Masilo’s Giselle

Dance Consortium

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Dance Consortium has been a client since HdK first started, with our latest piece of work with them being to promote Dada Masilo’s Giselle. As part of the digital marketing campaign, we produced assets including GIFs and videos, managed the social media campaign, and created and implemented the digital advertising strategy.

Dada Masilo's Giselle

About the show

Dada Masilo is an internationally renowned choreographer from South Africa, bringing her radical reinterpretation of the iconic ballet Giselle to venues across the UK. The piece opens in a South African village, where Masilo plays the titular role – a trusting peasant girl who is thrust into a world of betrayal and shame when her lover rejects her. Disowned by her family and killed by heartbreak, Giselle returns from the grave as a supernatural spirit, hellbent on revenge.

Video trailer

Fusing ballet, contemporary and traditional Tswana dance, Masilo and her company provide a strikingly novel take on the classic piece, telling the story through an androgynous and feminist lens, alongside a haunting score from South African composer Philip Miller.

Content creation

HdK created a variety of digital assets to promote the UK tour of Dada Masilo’s Giselle, including images, GIFs and videos. In addition to the main trailer (including personalised venue edits), we worked with Masilo and the cast to produce a number of short and engaging videos breaking down some of the key themes and moments of the piece. These include a 3-minute synopsis with dancer Liyabuya Gongo, who plays Bathilde – Giselle’s love rival – a series on some of the characters’ signature moves and interviews with Dada herself.

We also produced a number of review GIFs, highlighting some of the most insightful reviews from publications including The Times, Dance Magazine and The Observer, along with a video of testimonials from audience members following opening night and promotional graphics building on the striking aesthetics of the production.

3-minute synopsis

Dada Masilo's Giselle

Photo: Tristram Kenton

Social Media

The first step in rolling out our digital marketing plan for Giselle was to establish a social media and email marketing strategy. Drawing from our experience working on Dance Consortium’s previous campaigns and other touring shows, we created a content plan incorporating organic and paid posts using our body of assets and projected reviews.

Alongside this, we developed an email marketing plan, ensuring mailouts at key campaign milestones.

Digital advertising

We used a combination of advertising across Instagram, Facebook, Google Search and Google Display Network to raise awareness for the tour and support sales for each of the venues.

To reach all target audiences, including Metroculturals, Experience Seekers and Contemporary Dance Fans, we built out our targeting based on each audience spectrum’s likely interests, preferences and location, geotargeting specifically to areas surrounding the tour’s venues.

On each advertising campaign HdK works on, we optimise our ads ongoing, creating split tests to vary copy, creative and target audience. This means that the most engaging copy and creative will receive the most budget so as to optimise audience response, and that the most responsive audience segment will be prioritised to serve more adverts to the group most likely to purchase tickets.

This campaign also included remarketing – creating target audiences based on those who visited the Giselle page on the Dance Consortium website or engaged with any Giselle-related content on Facebook within the campaign period.

Dada Masilo's Giselle

Photos: Tristram Kenton


Our aims for the Giselle campaign are centred around increasing awareness for the tour and supporting the venues and, as such, our targets are very much geared towards this. These include social followers, website sessions, advertising impressions, clicks through to the show’s page, number of venue posts and asset views.

Throughout each campaign, we monitor analytics and provide regular reports to ensure that we can optimise results ongoing. This culminates in an end-of-campaign report, in which we break down what has and hasn’t worked well, educating our strategies ongoing and providing the opportunity to make recommendations for the following tour.