Dance Consortium

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Campaign Management

Dance Consortium has been a client since HdK first started. We manage the website and all digital marketing campaigns including planning online advertising, creating e-fliers, liaising with tour venue marketers and running social media.

Dance Consortium

20 Anniversary Film

To explore and reflect on Dance Consortium’s 20 years of touring, we developed a short film. We carried out a series of interviews via Zoom with key figures from dance companies they have toured with over the years, and others who have been a part of the Consortium’s journey. Then, working with our video editor, we constructed a short film using the interviews and archive footage from tours, also creating three feature videos to promote the film across social media.

Social media

During the pandemic, we have worked on maintaining Dance Consortium’s presence and engagement on social media, despite not having any tours to promote. We primarily focused on looking back at previous tours, delving deeper into the dance companies and their work. We also focused on promoting any current digital activities and supporting our partners and friends in the industry. For the 20th anniversary campaign, we created social media content based on the short film and the topics discussed by members and partners.