How To Run A Social Media Audit

How To Run A Social Media Audit

One of the key services HdK provides to our clients is digital marketing strategy. This includes an analysis of your audiences and content across each platform, peer analysis, content recommendations and more.

Using this experience, this session aims to provide you with the tools to run a quick and easy social media audit to identify your different audiences on each platform, who they are and when they’re active, what content is and isn’t working for you, new content ideas as informed by your peers and how to put these learnings into practice.

Things this session will cover:

  • How to analyse you audiences and their behaviour across each platform
  • How to assess the performance of your content
  • A demonstration of a peer audit
  • How to action changes in your campaigns

Send us any specific questions that you want to be covered in advance.

Session Leader

  • Phoebe Cleghorn
    Phoebe CleghornDigital Marketing Manager

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