Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

This session is for people who are currently using Google Tag Manager and want to learn how to use the service to install pixels and custom event tracking. This session aims to provide you with a foundation of knowledge to be able to apply these tools yourself. We will also link this to Google Analytics goals and how these can benefit your campaigns. The session structure is as follows:

  • Overview
  • What and how does it measure?
  • What do marketers need to consider?
  • Screenshare demonstration
  • Virtual tour
  • Adding a 3rd party pixel to the website
  • Adding custom event tracking
  • Setting up and linking a Google Analytics goal
  • Questions

Send us any specific questions that you want to be covered in advance.

Session Leader

  • Jannick Moth
    Jannick MothWeb Support Developer

If you would like to book a session, send us an email via the below link

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