Walk with Amal


“Over five years ago Joe Robertson and Joe Murphy invited me to join them in the refugee camp in Calais. This was the start of Good Chance. Since then the plight of refugees has escalated and will continue to do so. The journey of Little Amal is a unique arts project that will, I hope, help heal some of the trauma that refugees have suffered, unite communities and bring attention to the valuable and most positive contribution our refugee friends have made and continue to make.”

Walk with Amal is a project by Good Chance Theatre that celebrates the power of art and community to make change, centring around a 3.5m living artwork of a young Syrian refugee child. Little Amal walked 8000km across Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the UK to focus attention on the urgent needs of young refugees and raise money for The Amal Fund in partnership with Choose Love.

To support Walk with Amal’s UK campaign, HdK delivered digital ads to increase awareness of the project. We used Facebook Ads Manager and Ad Center to set up Instagram-specific ads and boosted posts to attract new visitors to the profile, where content was shared by The Walk’s in-house social media team.

We established a number of target audiences at the beginning of the campaign, which were then developed as we observed how they responded to ads to optimise ad performance. Through the campaign, we achieved over 2.7M impressions, 18,600 link clicks and over 30,000 new Instagram followers.