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Let your website stand out from the crowd with great SEO

One of the most discussed topics within marketing is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. Companies and individuals will comb the internet searching for sound advice and build complex strategies revolving around this. A key ingredient in a great SEO strategy is the creation of relevant and readable content. However, it can be hard to create these posts with SEO in mind, leading many organisations to fall out of their projected content schedule. After all, it is hard enough to find the time and inspiration to create a new article, without worrying whether or not it will reach people. This is what we were struggling with, when we discovered the free WordPress plugin Yoast SEO.

Yoast discovers areas of your website that search engines will not be able to find or understand. In conjunction with this, the plugin will also highlight how user friendly your website and blog posts are. This is where we find Yoast most helpful and where we have received the most positive responses from clients. To give you a quick overview, I have listed a few reasons I love Yoast below.

Three Reasons to Use Yoast SEO

  1. Highlights Keyword Relevancy
    • Search engines look through the first sentence and paragraph of an article for keyword consistency. Yoast ensures the search engine will find the key word easy to find and will rate the article as relevant.
    • Additionally, Yoast examines how the keyword lies in the piece and if search engines will like the chosen word or phrase.
    • Another feature I love is that Yoast will highlight when a keyword appears too little and too much. Search engine algorithms are built to understand when users are simply writing random text packed with powerful keywords to attract more users, without adding value to the reader or the internet as a whole. The search engine will rate these articles low quality, pushing them and your website down the results page. Therefore, it is really important to know when your article may be getting into this territory.
  2. Analyses Reader Experience
    • Yoast uses knowledge of how readers interact with online content to suggest amends, resulting in greater engagement and decreased bounce rates.
    • The Fleish Reader Ease test is particularly helpful, showing how easy writing is to read and where it can be improved.
    • Furthermore, Yoast encourages the use of regular subheadings to improve both readability and the SEO bots access to the article.
  3. Improves overall SEO
    • The tool discovers if the keyword appears enough in the overall text for SEO.
    • The plugin looks for both outbound and inbound links, which are important for user engagement and reliability of your website for search engines.
    • Users can create a custom snipppet preview for each article with the tool. This displays on search engines and is important for searchers and algorithms equally.

The above are a few of the reasons we use Yoast SEO and recommend it to clients. The tool has masses more features and is a great way to improve SEO with little to no investment. Do you think you will be installing this plugin onto your wordpress website? If you do, we’d also recommend installing google tag manager with pixels to see the impact your improved SEO is having. Furthermore, we also help customers implement SEO strategies, bespoke to your needs and the position you are in. We’d love to chat to you more about this, so drop us a line and let’s arrange a meeting.

Sophia - Content Producer and Digital Consultant