How to increase your results on Instagram

Whatever your motivations for using Instagram, it’s an incredibly valuable platform for generating engagement with your brand and developing relationships. The platform’s algorithm famously favours accounts with bigger followings, making it increasingly hard for small accounts to break through and get the interaction they’re striving for. However, there are a number of steps you can take to increase your engagement.

During this webinar with HdK, you will learn about these steps, including:

  • How to create and use Instagram stories to generate engagement
  • The benefits of hosting Instagram lives, and our top tips on this
  • What kinds of content to share for optimum engagement
  • How to optimise your video content for the platform
  • When to post to connect with your audience
  • Reaching your target audiences


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    Q&A session:

    Can we boost Instagram Stories?

    You can’t boost an Instagram story, however, using Facebook Ads you can create adverts for Instagram Stories. By optimising the ad creatives for stories, you can ensure your campaign is engaging in this format.

    Can you suggest any quick wins for gaining followers? For example, when you have 10,000+ followers you can add additional features to your stories, such as swipe up

    There are no quick wins for gaining relevant, engaged followers. However, you can certainly increase the rate of your growth by incorporating competitions and boosts/ads into your strategy. Competitions should ask people to follow your account and tag a friend as their entry – they’re even more effective when you team up with an influencer from your industry, as you then attract their audience too. Putting budget into boosts or ads shows your posts to a wider, targeted audience. If you do your targeting well, these people will convert into followers. It’s a gradual process, but these things will certainly speed it up for you.

    What’s the optimum length for video content on Instagram ?

    The optimum length for video content on Instagram would be 60 seconds. However, you can use IGTV to upload longer videos lasting up to 60 minutes.

    Is Instagram is made to promote B2B Products and Services?

    Instagram is made for social interaction, but businesses – whether consumer-facing or B2B – can always find a way to reach their target audience. Take a look at B2B hashtags in your niche and carry out targeting through boosts or ads to reach your market.

    Any great ideas about alternatives that don’t require us to bring in a video editor?

    More human (less professional) content on Instagram has become increasingly more popular over recent times. This type of content can easily be self-filmed for the platform using the IGTV channel and Instagram Stories. In addition, editing apps like iMovie can make it easy for you to make quick adjustments to content.

    In Instagram insights I can only view the last 14 days of stories. Is there a way of viewing the insights for older stories using an additional app/website like hootsuite/smarterqueue?

    Creator Studio is a free and easy to use platform which enables you to see analytics from all of your previous Instagram Stories.

    Phoebe Cleghorn - Digital Marketing Manager