How to quantify the ROI of your social media efforts

The ways in which we’re able to measure our social media success are constantly changing, so our social media reports should be evolving as a result. This webinar was slightly different from our others, in that we encouraged participants to have their cameras and/or microphones on as we opened up a discussion so that the arts and non-profit organisations in attendance could compare notes and generate new ideas on how best to report successes and note learnings.

During this webinar we covered:

  • How to measure ROI from advertising
  • Performance benchmarks and comparing your results to that of your peers
  • How to track audience development
  • Actioning your learnings

Throughout the webinar, we welcomed questions from participants and included a dedicated Q&A session at the end of the event. Please find a downloadable pdf document of the Q&A session below.

Phoebe - Digital Marketing Manager