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WASTELAND has been one of HdK's most ambitious projects. The sequel to Gary Clarke Company's award-winning COAL, the show offers a thrilling look at early 90s rave culture and highlights the heart of a political issue, while still focusing on the art. Reprising our long-standing working relationship, we offered full-scale digital marketing services to Gary Clarke Company from designing, building, and managing the show's website, leading on all social media strategy for the company, providing digital advertising, and creating creative content.

For their Spring 2020 tour which was unfortunately cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions, we adapted their digital marketing programme to create GCC Digital.

Sequel to the award-winning COAL

As with COAL, HdK are managing the digital marketing, including creating content, scheduling social media, online advertising as well as creating and managing the microsite for WASTELAND.

About the Show

WASTELAND looks at how two different generations coped in this turbulent era of radical upheaval as industrial Britain fell and a new subculture emerged. As one generation grinds to a halt, the next generation heads into the illegal rave scene of 1990s Britain, where derelict warehouses and abandoned work spaces become home for a new community of music and dance.

The show brings together Clarke’s blistering physical dance language performed by a company of exceptional dancers – headed by COAL’s lead dancer Alistair Goldsmith – and a community cast of four male singers, a total of 76 men throughout the tour of 18 venues nationally in 2019-20.

Photo by Joe Armitage

HdK have created a number of digital assets to promote the WASTELAND tour. In addition to the trailer and vox pops from the world premiere, we interviewed Artistic Director Gary Clarke and created three videos that explore how the show grows naturally from its predecessor, COAL, what audiences can expect to see on stage, and important themes of the show. Check out a sampling of these videos below:

In 1994, the European Study of Deprivation named my home village of Grimethorpe as one of the poorest villages in Europe. As poverty and depression shattered through the village, the future looked bleak for my generation. The birth of the rave culture gave many of us the opportunity to escape these grim and grey realities and into a new world of expressive music and hard core dance. WASTELAND is my attempt at recapturing this pivotal time in British history when industrial Britain fell and a new sub culture emerged. I owe my passion for movement and dance to this time and the people who lived it.


Photo by Joe Armitage

Helping Gary Clarke Company to adapt to the new digital landscape created by Coronavirus, we made updates to the website and social media strategy to launch GCC Digital: an online programme of live classes and workshops with members of the company, in conversation talks between Artistic Director Gary Clarke and special guests, plus #WASTELANDHome challenges for followers to take part in and opportunities for community cast members, such as the Pit Men, to get involved.

To roll out the online programme of live classes and workshops, we created a new section of the WASTELAND website, including the company’s statement of intent, a video of Artistic Director Gary Clarke launching the programme, a timetable to be updated with the classes and workshops on a weekly basis, session information and the company’s disclaimer. We also created a new digital marketing calendar focussing on promoting the online sessions and engaging audiences, and created a new logo for #WASTELANDHome to be used for repurposing tour-based content. While the impact of COVID-19 has posed many challenges, we relished the opportunity to create something entirely new to help audiences experience WASTELAND like never before.

Gary Clarke Company #WastelandHome

Photos by Joe Armitage