UK and International Business Debt Collection and Recovery Solicitors

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

HdK had a great opportunity to work outside of the arts industry with Lovetts, a UK and International Business Debt Collection and Recovery Solicitors. We enjoyed redesigning their website and establishing a CRM system that manages data capture and automated emails.


Our Senior Designer, Leonardo, took to the helm to reimagine Lovetts’ online presence. Based in Guildford, with offices in London and Manchester, Lovetts are award-winning solicitors with over twenty-five years’ experience in debt recovery. Their reach is international now too, and so it was time for a refresh.

While we weren’t rebranding, Leonardo was able to further develop their brand by introducing new, complementary colours that we used throughout the website. He also curated a collection of carefully-chosen, stock photography that enhanced the website thematically, red being the motif that links them all together.

Lovetts website example

In this example, the imagery supports the notion that you’re in safe hands with Lovetts, particularly when attempting to recover debt from overseas. It’s subtle, but the sail continues the journey of the classic Lovetts red that has been their brand colour for many years now.

HdK provided an excellent and personal service from start to finish. We were very pleased with the website they produced. It was great working with HdK and we will use them again in the future.

Lovetts sign-up forms, before and after

Lovetts' main sign-up form, before and after our redesign.

Data capture

When approaching a new website, we always ask our clients what they’re hoping to achieve with it. By setting specific goals in this way, one can not only measure success but also understand what to prioritise in terms of content and design. For Lovetts, one of their main goals was data capture. Their website has always been a useful prospecting tool, and so the various sign up and download forms throughout the website needed centre stage treatment. Leonardo achieved this by making them cleaner and softer, and by continuing his use of carefully-selected imagery to let the user know that they were in safe, experienced hands.

Examples of the downloadable guides on the Lovetts website

Leonardo designed new covers for the free guides that Lovetts provide, ensuring brand consistency across all mediums of communication and content. Behind the scenes, we installed a brand new customer relationship management (CRM) system, which collects the data captured in forms. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and helps Lovetts keep track of prospective and existing clients alike.