Dance Professionals Fund

Video content

Dance Professionals Fund came to us to help them rebrand and create a new website. During the brand development, we worked with their chosen photographer to produce a set of photos that could be used on the website and in advertising. We were also commissioned to create a new video that gave an overview of their purpose and the work they do.

The process started by helping the client to conduct a stakeholder survey. We combined these responses with our own desk research and interviews with key staff before presenting a series of options for a new visual identity. These were narrowed down and adjusted until the preferred option was chosen.

We were given the opportunity to present the work-in-progress to a steering committee as well as the Board of Trustees

Once the brand was agreed, a style guide was created as a future reference to how the brand should be used.

Work on the website followed the brand work. As well as restructuring the navigation and preparing new content, we developed their online application forms. This would allow people to manage their applications online for the first time. The forms allow candidates to save detailed information in stages until they are satisfied that all data is ready to submit.

HdK created a film that explains Dance Professionals Fund’s mission along with shorter edits for social media. We have also created ads for print and online and continue to discuss further developments for the website.