Creative Video Content

Specialist Creative Video Agency in London

Video is taking up an increasingly significant space within the marketing world and is a powerful tool for communicating your unique message to a variety of audiences. People online love to feast on exciting content, and one of the best methods of delivery is video. It’s easy to digest, it’s fun to emotionally engage in and it gives people a break from reading large blocks of content.


Why You Should Choose Video

Your business needs as many versatile and engaging formats of content to draw in the right audience. Video content provides a picture of what is going on in your company in a way that is easy to engage with. Customers love it because it’s entertaining and can easily help them to emotionally connect to what’s going on with your business, and marketers love it because of the ROI potential.

Video is accessible to a worldwide online audience – it’s highly shareable content and with one click, you can reach thousands if not millions of people. At HdK Associates, we can create engaging, exciting and creative content that suits your business and increases your potential when marketing to your customers. Whether you’re located in London or beyond, we can discuss your projects with you face to face if the scope of work requires.

Types of Video Content

There is a wealth of video content available to brands, and if you want to create a marketing strategy that is effective and well-received, you need to have a solid understanding of your purpose before you go ahead and create it. We are able to tailor content that is specific to your needs and perfect for engaging your target audiences. See some video examples below:

Explainer Videos
These snippets can help to educate people as to what your show, experience, product or service is about and can be used as bite-sized videos to explain in an engaging way.

People love to get behind the scenes access to companies or shows, and “a day in the life” is one of the most popular videos to create. Showcasing your team or company of dancers or actors in an interview on the website is going to draw in the views and show your audience what it is you do or what to expect from a show.

Review Videos
Review videos with testimonials from audience members, media or customers are a brilliant tool for promoting your campaign.

Choosing HdK Associates

With a plethora of agencies in London to choose from, we pride ourselves as experts at producing creative video content. We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands, and we have 25 years of agency experience to show for it. Our specialist team includes web designers, social media specialists and animators. We have filmmakers on staff, too, to offer the best solutions for your company. To find out more, contact our London-based team today via email at or by phone on: 0207 012 1720.