The Growth Of YouTube And The World Of Video

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YouTube allows users to upload, view, share, rate and comment on videos. After Google it is the second biggest search engine with over 300 million viewers every day.

In addition, as video increases in popularity as a form of content, YouTube will continue to see an increase in traffic.

The growth of video

Over the past few years video content has dramatically risen in popularity and has been the source of many viral crazes, for example challenges. Video challenges have stormed the world with content creators taking on a variety of tasks such as dancing, eating and much more. These trends have become so popular that celebrities such as Will Smith, Drake and Ciara have joined in.

This videos are not only popular but are also able to bring people together and ignite conversation.

YouTube features to look out for:

Live Streaming

Live Streaming was introduced quite recently, but it has already become a powerful tool. Moreover, it reaches a wider audience, allows live interaction and creates a sense of excitement around an exclusive asset.


YouTube has implemented a new feature, which works much like stories found on Instagram and Snapchat. It is a collection of short videos creators make on their phone and users can watch directly from the YouTube mobile app. Although this feature is currently in beta, it’s main focus will be to build community engagement and channel promotion.

Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Vlogs are a great way for people to share impromptu videos with their viewers, like behind-the-scenes content. Furthermore, creators can interact in a more casual, personal format with their base and build relationships.

Why is this important?

In conclusion, YouTube is a great platform to use to attract new audiences. Users can interact with your brand, share assets and subscribe to your channel. Also, you can get good stats and keep track of the type of content your users enjoy. This will help you create better and more relevant content in the future. Largely due to this, video is becoming a big part of digital marketing and is worth investing time in.

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