When Geography Meets Digital Marketing at HdK

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At HdK, two geography students from Oaklands School, Siam and Maryam, visited our office in Hoxton giving us an opportunity to consider the overlap between geography and digital marketing. Their project, which involved interviewing our team and conducting a survey, opened up discussions on hybrid working, AI, and changes in business practices post-Covid.

This visit was part of our broader effort to engage with learning and development, both within our team and with the local community. HdK is committed to continuous learning, offering internships, apprenticeships, and opportunities for students from local colleges and schools to gain insight into our industry. In the last year, our engagement has extended to students from the MA Dance Producing and Management course at London Studio Centre, purchasing artwork from the New City College Art and Design Programme, and supporting culinary students at OKN1, a nearby restaurant.

Within the team, the focus is on mentorship and personal development, running free webinars aimed at our colleagues and peers in the sector, and providing bespoke training on a variety of digital marketing topics. The visit from Siam and Maryam was a reminder of the value of cross-disciplinary learning and how it can offer new perspectives on our work.

This experience with Oaklands School students is one example of our commitment to supporting the next generation of professionals, integrating continuous learning into our culture, and maintaining a proactive role in community engagement.