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Working on several assignments at once can be demanding, with multiple projects vying for your attention. Trello is a simple, free tool, which allows you to manage multiple projects in one visually pleasing space.  I use it daily here at HdK to stay organised and track progress of  projects from concept to delivery. Also, I’ve been encouraging all my team members to give it a go, with varying degrees of success. However, as you’d expect, I did not immediately get behind Trello and the entire team does not yet use it. Therefore, below I am going to go through the key factors that made me decide to use this at work and the reasons you may like to too.

Simplify your Life with Technology

  • Get rid of all those post-it notes, scraps of paper and thousands of emails.
  • Stop worrying about carrying around your notebook of tasks, because they are now all on your phone.
  • Have information in one place, shared with the relevant people.
  • Assign jobs to individuals, seeing if they are completed or not in seconds.
  • Update colleagues on work developments in moments.
Trello screenshot example of open projects

Increase Productivity

  • All projects are in one collaborative location, removing the need for lots of group emails and meetings.
  • Split a piece of work into several smaller chores and schedule them to manage time effectively.
  • Plan each week, updating and prioritising tasks.


Complete Projects on Time and to Spec

  • At a glance know how projects are progressing.
  • See if you are completing tasks on schedule, or if you need to reevaluate your timeline.
  • Each team member knows what tasks are done and what still needs doing.
  • Input individual elements within larger projects to make sure nothing gets missed.
Trello showing information at a glance

Trello is  one of those innovative tools, which is easy to use, easy to monitor and easy to access on laptop, tablet and mobile. Forgot what you worked on last Tuesday – that’s fine just log into Trello. Want to check if your colleague in Australia completed his assignment, simply look at your Trello cards, read comments and then contribute.

To summarise, in the past year of using Trello I have found it to be invaluable. Also, with remote working becoming more and more common place, the importance of having an online tool like this is only going to grow. If you’d like to learn more about Trello’s functunality watch this two minute video and let me know your thoughts on this amazing tool.

Jamie - Web Developer