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Peter looks at the rise of Social Video in 2014 and where it will go in 2015:

Social video has experienced an explosion in the last year and it brought forth a simultaneous explosion in user-generated video content. Last summer’s Ice Bucket Challenge saw a surplus of consumers creating video of their own, indicating the idea that everyone is able and willing to make content when it’s on behalf of a notable cause and it allows them to be part of something good.

The rise of YouTube stars will run the show as content producers in the coming years. A recent survey shows that YouTube stars are more popular with certain segments of the population than mainstream celebrities and parents with young children today have realised that the tablet rules over TV.

With the continual rise of bite-sized, social video content, longer form video content is simultaneously finding an audience online. Consumers crave authenticity and brands are seeing the value in taking them deeper into the story. The ideal length of any given YouTube video continues to be under three minutes – but consumers are willing to commit more time if there’s something worth hanging around for.

Peter Blach has been making and editing films for HdK’s clients for more than 10 years.

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