Introducing our new Project Coordinator and Developer at HdK

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My name’s Claire van Blerck and I’m the new Project Coordinator and Developer at HdK. I’m here to help manage our projects and develop micro-sites for our lovely clients!

I’m from South Africa originally, and my background is in Fine Art. I studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art and went on to work at various contemporary art galleries in Cape Town after that. Just before I left the country I even ran a (tiny!) temporary project space out of a shipping container.

How did I move into project management and development? Well I’ve found that programming is the perfect medium for my creativity, and I love to make people’s visions into reality (digital or otherwise!). Throughout my career I’ve been helping artists and curators create and arrange exhibitions and events both locally and internationally, and I specialise in making sure that’s as streamlined and easy a process as possible. Once I’d tapped into my analytical skill-set I went on to study business administration part-time. Digitally I’ve helped companies and individuals move onto entirely new systems in a way that they feel in control, comfortable, and confident.

Changing what you’re used to is always a challenge and I’m here to offer friendly and supportive assistance along the way. Upgrading your website’s look and functionality should be an exciting and celebratory experience because, after all, it represents all your hard work!

I’m really excited to work with HdK and to do amazing things, so if you’d like to find out what we can do for you please pop me an email.