Introducing our new Intern – Stella

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Hello! I’m Stella and I’m the new Intern at HdK. I’m really excited to get to grips with digital marketing, whether that’s by helping manage dynamic social media campaigns or by learning the ins and outs of attention-grabbing website design. I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing the expertise of the HdK team.

I’m a Londoner, graduating this summer, who’s been up north at the University of York for the past three years studying Politics, with a special interest in social issues and the persuasive power of the media. Now I’m back home in London I’m looking to investigate the opportunities in the world of marketing. Having seen what a focused marketing campaign can achieve by helping in the management of my university squash team’s social media, I’m keen to learn more about how ideas, concepts, and stories can be communicated effectively online.

Aside from being a bit of a jock on a university sports team I also play the piano and have a life-long interest in the arts – you can normally find me hanging around an art gallery or in the cheap seats at the theatre. I’m hoping to use my love of all things creative to help me connect with both HdK’s clients and audience, and I’m thrilled to get to experience a new perspective on the performing arts sector.

If you’d like to have a chat, or learn some more about me, please drop me an email!

Stella - Intern