Dreaming of a green Christmas?

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Dreaming of a green Christmas?

If learning how to be more eco-friendly is at the top of your Christmas list, then look no further. Over the last couple of weeks, we at HdK have been posting our top tips for how to have a more sustainable Christmas. Read on!

Get Creative

Give a gift with a twist and buy someone an amazing experience or tickets to a show they’ll love - rather than another pair of socks they don’t need.

Get renting

Hang your baubles on a rented tree. Renting a living tree in a pot means you don’t have to contribute to the 8 million trees disposed of in the UK each year.

Get crafty

Show your loved ones you care about them and the environment by hand-making your cards with recycled paper.

Get energy efficient

Deck the halls with LED lights. They use much less energy than halogen bulbs and are equally festive.

Get closer to home

Try shopping locally to support your community, save on transportation costs and find a truly personal present.

Get cosy

Decorate Scandi-style: take inspiration from the great outdoors, rather than filling your home with plastic.

Get greener

Not every element of your Christmas has to be entirely eco – just be a bit more mindful of your choices, and make little tweaks where you can.

Get cooking

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach – so whip up a hamper full of tasty treats, for a low-cost, low-impact gift you know they’ll love.

The more glittery and gaudier the paper, the less likely it is to be recyclable. So, wrap your gifts with natural brown paper, for a chic look which can also be recycled.

Get closer

Reaching out to someone who needs it could be the best gift of all. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, visit a neighbour, or invite someone who might be alone over for Christmas day.

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