A Voyage into the Metaverse – the survey

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When I checked last week, there was a story about the Metaverse each day in the papers: why it’s going to be the next best thing since sliced bread, why it’s overrated, why you should invest all your life savings in it, why it’s completely over-hyped. 

My newsfeed on my phone is now dominated by Metaverse stories from different angles – along with (as of writing) stories of Jonny Depp and Amber Heard. Yes, I totally regret clicking on that first story, and the second, and the tenth. Let it be over please. 

Promises of new Augmented Reality Glasses coming out this spring, new VR headsets, new platform launches gets me into a frenzy of fear that I’m going to miss the boat on this. So to help me – and I hope you – get our heads around ‘what now’, ‘what when’, wisely or not, I put HdK forward to talk about the Metaverse at this summer’s AMA conference in Birmingham. We’re looking forward to it. The team here at HdK have been pulling together case studies from across the arts, researching, holding round table discussions and immersing ourselves in all things Metaverse. It included a trip to what looked like a row of tanning booths to experience virtual reality team games only last week. 

But what I’m really interested in, is how will this affect the arts and culture sector and more importantly, as an arts marketer myself, how will it affect arts marketing. We’ve been trying to figure it out and now we want a wider perspective. 

We’ve pulled together a few questions we want our colleagues, clients and peers to consider. All answers will be anonymous, collated and shared in our session at the Arts Marketing Conference on July 14-15 as well via our blog after the conference.

We don’t want you to do any looking up in advance on Google  – we just want your raw unadulterated thoughts as a snapshot of what we’re all thinking about the Metaverse at the moment. 

And if you’re really interested, hopefully we can take the conversation further – at the conference or over a coffee. It’s true, we’re becoming a little bit obsessed. Now, please take the survey and over to you…

Hans de Kretser